Solution-Focused Approaches to Autism: A Case Study

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Autism is a complex neurological condition that affects how individuals interact with the environment. It can often be difficult for an individual with autism to respond positively to traditional therapies, leaving many families looking for alternative solutions and approaches. In this article, we will explore one potential solution – solution-focused therapy (SFT) – through a case study of Kemar*, an eight-year old boy living in Toronto diagnosed with Autistic Disorder as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Background Information about Solution Focused Therapy:

Solution focused therapy is a brief intervention that focuses on identifying clients’ strengths and developing new skills to support their goals. Unlike other forms of counseling which focus largely on past negative experiences or emotions, SFT instead places special emphasis on the client’s personal future direction and hopes they have for themselves. The therapist utilizes goal setting strategies paired with open conversations aimed at understanding each subject’s current situation while highlighting areas needing improvement without placing blame or withdrawing from the session due to its therapeutic nature.

Overview of Treatment Plan Used For Kemar*:

After assessing his needs, it was determined that Kemar would benefit most from using a combination treatment approach involving both medication management alongside regular SFT sessions conducted by his primary care team once every two weeks. During these sessions he was encouraged to set short term goals. These goals include viewing himself more positively as well as working collaboratively towards reaching long-term objectives like completing homework and assignments ahead of time. Also, organizing after school activities better within allocated times catered specifically around him.. 

His sessions also included various behavioral interventions including prompting exercises utilizing rewards systems whenever necessary alongside family members being present throughout the duration if possible order to provide extra hands when needed during crises situations even outside normal office hours if need be before returning back again at next scheduled appointment time given upon departure 6 months prior.  All obtained results showed noteworthy progress in several key areas among those listed below :

  • Improved ability in conversation starter processes amongst peers/colleagues despite still feeling somewhat anxious attending social gatherings;                
  • increased capacity liaising effectively teachers whether electronically thru Email or via face–face interaction; 
  • ­ increase in problem solving relative based tasks across unit plans efficiently completed regularly per general pattern expected section leader timetable standards ;     
  • °consistent 4–5 star ratings achieved consecutively since start date outlined end calendar year annual performance review report 2019~21 accepted proposals submitted ;       


 This case study illustrates just one example of how solution focused therapy can help people who struggle with symptoms related to autism spectrum disorder feel empowered. It can also help them feel capable enough to pursue dreams and reach new heights never thought imaginable. Solution focused therapy can help sharpen presentation skill truly and become self actualised revolutionary.

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