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Having conducted thorough research on the relevant literature, many students feel the need to get dissertation data analysis help. Without a clear and accurate data analysis section, you might have a hard time trying to defend your entire research. Your dissertation requires that you collect data, organize it, analyze, present, and interpret it. This lengthy process forces most students to ask for help with data analysis for their dissertation. At Kali Papers, we have a team of statisticians who have been helping with dissertation data analysis for students for years. Therefore, they have mastered high levels of expertise in producing high-standard results.

Our dissertation data analysis services lead to the fast approval of your research papers. You are certain that the results that you receive are not only accurate but are also up to standards. Interpreting data wrongly causes most of the students to remain on the same project for a long time. As much as your literature is perfect, if it is not supported by relevant data, you render the entire study useless. However, our writers help students to produce data results that are in line with the research objectives, thesis statement, and literature.

What are the various Dissertation Data Analysis Methods

Depending on the type of research that you are conducting, you can adopt different dissertation data analysis process and methods. Mastering some of these concepts can be challenging especially for non-math students. Seeking professional help with the tools and methodologies can get you on the right track. The following are some of the commonly used dissertation data analysis techniques that our experts can help you with;

Text Analysis

This technique involves taking an in-depth look at a text to make conclusions about a set of information. This method is embraced mainly when dealing with qualitative research. Terminologies like text analytics and text mining are used to mean the same when machine language is involved.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical tests involve collecting and evaluating data available from the chosen samples of the study. Various statistical analysis tools such as Excel, SPSS, STATA, and others can be used to ease this process. Methods such as mean, standard deviation, regression, and hypothesis testing are adopted for this purpose of statistical test.

Diagnostic Analysis

If the researcher wants to establish the underlying causes of certain occurrences, diagnostic analysis comes in handy. It involves closely evaluating data to answer the question “why does it happen?” Methods such as drill-down, correlations, data mining, and data discovery are useful in this type of analysis.

Predictive Analysis

This technique of dissertation data analysis adopts statistical modeling to make predictions. It uses past data to forecast what is likely to happen. This method helps organizations to predict their sales, assess future risks, or predict their future clientele.

Prescriptive Analysis

This technique combines various methods to aid in proper decision-making by an organization. It entails using state-of-the-art technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the expected outcome. Companies are embracing Artificial Intelligence as one of the most useful prescriptive analysis tools.

If you need thesis data analysis help with any of the above techniques, you can hire data analysts at Kali Papers. When our writers provide help with dissertation data analysis, you are guaranteed of receiving flawless papers. Many students agree that chapter four of their dissertation is the most time-consuming and challenging section. However, with professional assistance, you can complete your dissertation in record time.

Dissertation Data Analysis Tools

As technology continues to advance, students get a variety of dissertation data analysis tools from which to choose. However, working with these tools requires prior training to effectively arrive at the results. The majority of students do not even have basic knowledge regarding such data analysis software. That is why we have qualified and experienced writers to offer data analysis help with tools such as;

R programming

It is a statistical programming language used by researchers, statisticians, and data analysts for analyzing, visualizing, and presenting data. Though termed as simple to use, students still encounter challenges in producing accurate results. Talk to our experts for guidance.

Tableau Public

This software helps in visualizing data while connecting to documents in excel, text, or CSV.


This is a statistical tool used in data management, business intelligence, predictive analysis, and advanced analytics. Experts in the field of criminal investigation also find this software useful. If your dissertation requires the use of SAS and you are not conversant, our writers can help.

Apache Spark

This is employed in areas that need to manipulate big data. It is a fast and general-purpose processing system known for its speed, flexibility, memory, and much more.


This is one of the most widely used spreadsheets from Windows, making it popular even in dissertations. However, most students are unaware of how to go about advanced data manipulations. We can help you to analyze your dissertation data using excel.


This is a predictive data analysis tool that helps in decision making through concepts of machine learning


This is yet another data analysis tool used for machine learning, data blending, and analytics. It is a powerful analysis tool in the field of business intelligence.


This is a business intelligence tool useful for both big and small size data. It is effective for analyzing and visualizing data.


This is a statistical package initially designed for use in the social sciences. However, it has proven efficient in descriptive, bivariate, geospatial, and predictive analysis among others. Most students require help in the SPSS dissertation which you can access affordably at Kali Papers.


This is a qualitative data analysis tool organizing, storing, and analyzing data.

Top 10 Tips For Writing A Dissertation Analysis

Before and while working on your dissertation analysis, you must bear in mind some points. The following will enable you to produce flawless results from your analysis.

  • Introduce your data analysis chapter clearly and concisely
  • Ensure that your data is in line with your research objectives and hypothesis
  • Use appropriate methods to analyze data set. You must know when to use qualitative or quantitative data analysis tools and techniques.
  • Ensure that you have conducted a thorough analysis of the present data collected
  • Use visual aids suitable for the data or results that you are presenting. Have a blend of tables, graphs, charts, and more
  • After analyzing the collected data, ensure that you provide clear interpretations
  • Look at similar studies to establish the methodology used
  • For any information used and not included in the chapter, attach it to the appendix section
  • Ensure that you have captured all the findings
  • Provide data that relates to the literature review.

Dissertation Data Analysis Services

Students should be cautious when choosing a specialized dissertation data analyses services. This option may help with time management, or in building all other topics of the dissertation in much more detail. Dissertation analyses are services that provide PhD students with all basic dissertation tasks including research and objectives, methodology, dissertation analysis and literature review.

At KaliPapers, our Dissertation writing services handles thesis from various subjects like Cybersecurity, accounting, Finance, Biology, Engineering, and Business among others.

Talk to us today and work with the best dissertation data analysis services.

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1. What is dissertation data analysis?

Dissertation data analysis is a process of examining the data collected during the research study. The main purpose of this process is to identify patterns and trends that can be used to answer the research questions.

2. What are the steps involved in dissertation data analysis?

The steps involved in dissertation data analysis vary depending on the type of data being analyzed. However, generally, the steps include:

• Reviewing the literature

• Extracting the data from the source documents

• Coding the data

• Analyzing the data

• Drawing conclusions

3. What are some common techniques used for analyzing dissertation data?

Some common techniques used for analyzing dissertation data include:

• Frequency counts

• Crosstabulations

• Chi-square tests

• Correlation coefficients

• Regression analysis

4. How do I know which technique to use for my dissertation data analysis?

The type of technique to use for your dissertation data analysis will depend on the type of data you are analyzing and the research questions you are trying to answer. You should consult with your advisor or a statistician to determine which technique is most appropriate for your data.

5. What are the advantages of using statistics in dissertation data analysis?

The advantages of using statistics in dissertation data analysis include:

• Statistical techniques allow you to identify patterns and trends in the data that may not be apparent when looking at the data visually.

• Statistical techniques allow you to make comparisons between groups and identify relationships between variables.

• Statistical techniques help you to determine the significance of the findings in your study.

6. What are the disadvantages of using statistics in dissertation data analysis?

The disadvantages of using statistics in dissertation data analysis include:

• Statistics can be complex and difficult to understand.

• You need to have a good understanding of statistics to be able to use them correctly.

• It can take time to learn how to use the various statistical techniques correctly.

7. What should I do if I am having difficulty analyzing my dissertation data?

If you are having difficulty analyzing your dissertation data, you may want to consider seeking help from us. We can help you to analyze your data and interpret the results correctly. We can also help you to identify any potential problems with your data or the statistical analysis.

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